London to Kathmandu,
on foot.

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The Expeditioneers


Henry Dunham

Henry is a 27 year old with aspirations to become a 28 year old with a great story. His adventures began with the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme at school, the Gold he achieved climbing to 6000m up Mt. Everest. He has trekked in central Norway, scaling Galdhøpiggen, the tallest mountain in Northern Europe and he has walked since he was quite young. Put these skills together, plus a bizarre love of the gym and an odd desire to go without showering for an extended period of time, and you have the makings of a determined long distance hiker.


Sam Crimp

Sam is a Suffolk boy born and bred but prefers to spend his time further afield. Upon leaving school, Sam decided to embark on an adventure to Australia, in a rather unconventional way. Starting in Cairns he hitch hiked all the way down to South Australia, a total of 4,500 miles taking 6 months. A gym freak similarly to henry, it's safe to say Sam enjoys pushing himself to extremes and with a potential army career after the Kathmandu challenge, this stroll down to Nepal should be perfect training!

The Route

We will start in England, getting a boat from Harwich which will take us to Rotterdam. From the Netherlands we will make an almost direct beeline for Istanbul. On the way we will take in cities such as Cologne, Frankfurt, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Almost hugging the Black Sea through Bulgaria we will enter Turkey and into Istanbul. At this point we will assess our options but will aim to proceed through Northern Turkey via Ankara, hitting the North East border with Iran.

The route will then take us the length of Iran to the city of Bandar Abbas in the South. Iran is such a beautiful country with one of the world’s oldest cultures, it would be a dream come true to be able to trek through it. Sadly though, at the moment, visas constraints are tight and so the chances of this being a reality are slim. However, you never know, between now and our arrival we may have found a solution! Assuming that we have, we will get a boat to Dubai and from there we will get a flight to the base of India. The last three months of the trek will see us walking the entire length of this amazing, vibrant country form the South right up to Nepal, culminating in our arrival in Kathmandu.

The Charity

Annie’s Challenge was set up in 2015 to provide funds to help support sufferers of brain cancer. It looks to do this in several ways: by offering financial assistance to research programmes looking at the disease; by helping those in the later stages of cancer with the care they need and by providing funds to other charities looking to perform similar functions.

It is a family run organisation born out of a member contracting this awful disease. We challenge ourselves to help Annie fight hers.

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